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About Me

Personal Trainer North London

My name is Dadi Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson, yes, the name is long and that is because I am Icelandic and my name goes far back to the big and strong vikings from thousands of years ago, well... at least I think so....

     My story


I am from Iceland, the land of ice, snow and a few volcano's.

I started pretty late in the fitness industry, I did not find my passion until I was 27 years old and started training in a military style fitness center that concentrated on Boot Camp type training. At the time I was working in the film and television industry as an Assistant Director and not really the athletic type. But that was about to change. I trained at Boot Camp for about two years before I began coaching there. I have since been involved in many athletic events and in 2010 I was introduced to Crossfit. I have competed in the European Regionals five times, once as an individual in 2012 and stood three times on the podium in the team competition winning 3rd place in 2011, 2nd place in 2013 and European Champions 2014. I have also competed three times at the Crossfit Games in Los Angeles in 2011, 2013 and 2014. I have been sponsored by some of the most prominent names in the health and fitness industry in Iceland, Under Armour Iceland, Gló Restaurant, Hreysti and

Now I am bringing my experience and passion to London. Let´s do great things together!



Crossfit Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate

IAK - University level Personal training certificate

Boot Camp Coaches certificate

Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Level 1 Certificate

Steve Maxwell Bodyweight Certificate



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