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Bar muscle-up progression

The Crossfit Open comes around the same time every year, and this will be my 7th consecutive year competing. This is always an exiting time, as it is the platform where athletes get to put the skills they have been working hard on to the test. Working so hard for the past year to refine and enhance their arsenal of skills. It should not come as a surprise to anyone when it arrives, you have had a year to work on your weaknesses, unless you haven't been doing Crossfit for that long.

The bar muscle up will always be one of the skills that athletes will look to as one of the most sought after to achieve. To many it is the pinnacle of athleticism to be able to achieve this gymnastic skill movement.

As the head coach at Crossfit Evolving Holloway I know that many of our athletes want to be able to do this movement, and to assist them as well as you in achieving that goal I made a step by step tutorial on how to get your first bar muscle up or to refine that skill. I hope this helps you and that if it is your weakness, that it becomes your strength.

You never know, they might come up in the open this year, they did last year!

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