The leap....


I am taking the biggest leap of my life, I am moving with my family to London. While that may seem like a great idea, it is also very frightening. To uproot all you know and leave the people you love to move to a different country is scary, it really is. Luckily I have been to London a few times before, I have friends, I have connections, and most of all I have family. For the first time in 27 years I will be living in the same country as my mother. So this is familiar territory, it´s still scary but I am really looking forward to embark on a new adventure. I will be joining forces with my good friends Marcelo Del Monaco and Dellapraia Canguya, my favorite Brazilian duo, at their gym Ufit Studios in Muswell Hill. I will be undertaking personal training and also to help build up their affiliate Crossfit Muswell Hill. Which will be awsome! Let the adventure begin!

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