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Crossfit Muswell Hill

It has been three weeks since I moved to London and I am really liking it so far. I am getting in to the rythm of things here and getting to know the people of Crossfit Muswell Hill, what a great bunch :)

We have been creating an Identity for the Crossfit, and I am realy liking where this is going. We came a cross a website called, there you put in the criteria for your identity or logo and there is a bunch of talented designers bidding for you to pick their design. This is a one week process where you go back and forth, rating and giving feedback to the designers. Then at the end of 7 days you pick the one that you love and the designer that you pick gets paid. It is a great way to work and you can get a great design that does not blow your budget to pieces. Attached is the winning design, we love it!

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